Training Rules


1. Parents and athletes need to follow the proper chain of command when filing complaints.  

A. Coach 

B. Athletic Director

C. HS Principal

D. Superintendent

2. Practices at Delaware Academy are closed door practices.  This means only coaches and 

players are allowed.  Students not on the roster, Parents, etc… may not attend without 

prior permission from the coach.

3. Do not approach a coach after a game or practice.  You must set up a meeting with the 

coach and the AD in order to address any problems or concerns you may have.  

4. It is MANDATORY that student-athletes ride the bus to all away contests.   Student-

Athletes may ride home with their parents after the game.  A student athlete wishing to 

ride home with another adult must have a pre-signed note from the athletic director  


1. All athletes must maintain an up to date athletic physical prior to participating in 

interscholastic athletics.

2. Athletes are expected to be suited up and at practice on time.  Do not miss practice, and 

do not be late.  The only legitimate excuse for absence from practice is absence from school 

3. Give every practice, workout, and competition your best effort.

4. All Athletes must remain in good academic standing.  School comes first.  All students 

on the academically ineligible list (failing two or more subjects) may practice but may 

not compete until they are eligible.

5. Do not use alcohol, tobacco, or drugs.

6. Get a good night sleep every night.