Middle School Chorus


Miss. Collison


Boys: dress pants or khakis, dress shirt, dress shoes.  Ties are optional.  
Girls: Skirt, dress, or dress pants, blouse, dress shoes.  
All attire for performances must be school-appropriate.

You are expected to follow Delhi Middle School student behavior expectations at all times.  This includes arriving to class on time, having the appropriate materials for class, being respectful to your peers and teachers, and contributing to the class in a positive manner.  

Your grade for this class is calculated as following:  
50% Participation and Preparation:
Being on time, having the appropriate materials (music provided), singing to the best of your ability, memorizing your music when appropriate, and rehearsal etiquette (as outlined the first day of class).
50% Required Performances:  
This is the equivalent to your major test or final exam.  This grade includes attendance, appropriate concert attire, appropriate concert etiquette, and singing to the best of your ability.  The only acceptable excuses from a performance are unforeseen emergencies and severe illness. Parents: Please try to contact me in advance if this is the case by phone or email.  If it is a last minute emergency, within a week of the missed performance, please send a written note with your child for the reason for his or her absence from the performance.  Excused absences will result in an exempt grade.