7th and 8th Grade General Music

Class Outline

During the next ten weeks, we will be exploring different elements of music, including the history of music, how music is composed, instruments and ensembles, modern music, and reading and notating music.  General Music classes are an important and required class for all New York State students.  You will have opportunities to compose (write) and play your own music as well!  I have many activities planned and you will be actively engaged with music.  While there will be times for sitting and listening, times for some note-taking, mostly we will be engaged in activities to give you hands-on experience with music of all varieties.

Classroom Expectations

You are expected to follow Delaware Academy Middle School student behavior expectations at all times.  This includes arriving to class on time, having the appropriate materials for class, being respectful to your peers and teachers, and contributing to the class in a positive manner.  

While in this classroom, the following is expected:

1) Respect the equipment in the room.  Pianos, keyboards, and instruments are very expensive.  You may play them with permission only.   If you cannot follow this rule, you will be given an alternative assignment while everyone else is using the equipment.

2) Respect your peers.  Music is a very personal matter and we will be discussing everyone’s individual preferences at times in the class.  You may disagree with someone and you may voice your opinion in a positive, respectful manner.  Ridicule or rudeness will not be tolerated.


You will need:

1.  1 three-ring binder specific for music class only.  Do not share other subjects in this binder, as it will be collected and stored for your next time in this class the following year.
2.  Loose leaf paper for binder
3.  Pencil


1)  You will have one short quiz about once a week.

2)  You will have one major project due with each unit

3) Generally, there is no homework in this class unless you fall behind.  

Your grade for this class is calculated as following:

30% Class Participation and Preparation
30% Quizzes
30% Project

10% Final Exam