6th Grade General Music

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Sixth Grade General Music Class

Curriculum and Requirements

Teacher:  Mrs. Krick

Exploring the Essential Elements of Music

Course Guide:

1.  Students will compose original music and perform music written by others.  They will understand and use the basic elements of music in their compositions and performance.

2.  Students will use various instruments (percussion and keyboard) to create and perform music.  They will use various resources to expand their knowledge of listening experiences and information about music. 

3.  Students will demonstrate the capacity to listen to and comment on music.  They will relate their critical assertions about music to its aesthetic, structural, acoustic and psychological qualities. 

4.  Students will develop a performing and listening repertoire of music of various genres, styles, and cultures that represent the peoples of the world.  Students will recognize the cultural features of a variety of musical compositions and performances.  They will also understand the functions of music within culture.  

5.  Students will explore music from the Renaissance (1450-1600), the Baroque Period (1600-1750), the Classical Period (1750-1825), the Romantic Period (1825-1900) and the Modern Era (1900-.)         

Grading Procedure:

Grades from class work, quizzes and homework will be weighted as 60% of the final grade.

Class work and homework also include:

     1.          Class Participation:  Attention, interest and cooperation in class.

                  -Students are expected to cooperate and maintain a correct attitude conducive to learning.

                  -Students are required to be in their seats at the beginning of the class period.

                  -Students need to respect themselves and their teacher.  (Keep your hands and feet to yourself.)

                  -Students will respect the musical instruments and equipment.  The instruments are very expensive.  You may play them with permission only.

                  -Students are expected to raise their hands if they have a question.  They should not speak out of turn when instruction is being given.

                  -Students should place candy, food, drinks, etc. in the wastebasket as they enter the classroom.

     2.          Class Preparation:

                  Students need to bring required materials to class.

                  a)  3-ring notebook for handouts, worksheets and homework.  The notebook will be kept in the music room.  It will also be used in the 7th and 8th grade music classes.

                  b)  Pencil

                  c)  Homework assignments

Grades from unit exams, performance exams, projects, final completion of folder and notes will be weighted as 40% of the final grade.

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