Program Descriptions

12:1:1 BEN is a program available at both the Delhi Middle and High School level that provides classified students the opportunity to take self-contained classes where the course curriculum has been modified and/or individualized to meet the learning needs of each student

Special Educational Needs (SEN) classes are for students with severe behavioral deficits and provide a therapeutic environment with an emphasis on behavioral change. Intensive interventions are made by counseling staff who assist in the monitoring of age appropriate interpersonal skills. Emphasis is placed on individualized academic programs based on the NYS Learning Standards and growth in individual and group social skills to facilitate the students return to a less restrictive setting. These classes are located at the Harrold Campus in Trout Creek.

Basic Educational Needs (BEN) programs are offered for students with severe learning deficits and habilitative needs. These programs offer training on age-appropriate functional skills in academic, social, vocational and self-help domains. Intensive related service needs mandate extensive involvement with therapists in classroom and community settings. Enhanced staffing is available for students with extraordinary habilitation needs. These classes are available through DCMO BOCES.

Consultant teacher services means direct and/or indirect services, as defined in this subdivision, provided to a student with a disability in the student’s regular education classes and/or to such student's regular education teachers.

(1) Direct consultant teacher (DCT) services means specially designed individualized or group instruction provided by a certified special education teacher to a student with a disability to aid such student to benefit from the student's regular education classes.

(2) Indirect consultant teacher (ICT) services means consultation provided by a certified special education teacher to regular education teachers to assist them in adjusting the learning environment and/or modifying their instructional methods to meet the individual needs of a student with a disability who attends their classes.

Such services shall be recommended by the committee on Special Education to meet specific needs of such students and shall be included in the student's individualized education program (IEP). Consultant teacher services shall be provided in accordance with the following provisions:

Resource Room programs are for supplementing the regular or special classroom instruction of students with disabilities who are in need of such supplemental programs. 

1.    Each student with a disability requiring a resource room program shall receive not less than three hours of instruction per week in such program.

2.    Students shall not spend more than 50 percent of their time during the day in the resource room program.

3.    An instructional group, which includes students with disabilities in a resource room program, shall not exceed five students per teacher.

4.    The composition of instructional groups in a resource room program shall be based on the similarity of the individual needs of the students according to:

a.     Levels of academic or educational achievement and learning characteristics

b.    Levels of social development

c.     Levels of physical development

d.    The management needs of the students in the classroom

5.    The total number of students with a disability assigned to a resource room teacher shall not exceed 20 students.

6.    Upon application and documented educational justification to the commissioner, approval may be granted for a variance from the size of an instructional group and the total number of students assigned to a resource room teacher.  

Related Services shall be recommended by the Committee on Special Education to meet specific needs of a student with a disability as set forth in the individualized education program (IEP):

1.    The frequency, duration and location of each such service shall be in the IEP, based on the individual student’s need for the services.

2.    For students with disabilities determined to need speech and language services, such services shall be provided for a minimum of two 30-minute sessions each week and the total caseload of such students for teachers providing such services shall not exceed 65.

3.    When a related service is provided to a number of students at the same time, then the number of students in the group shall not exceed five students per teacher or specialist.

4.    A student with a disability may be provided with more than one such service in accordance with the need of the student.

5.    Related services may be provided in conjunction with a regular education program or with other special education programs and services.

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