A.L.Kellogg Scholarship & Memorial Fund

A.L. Kellogg Education Fund

Delaware Academy Central School District at Delhi Graduates:

On June 19, 1989, Delaware Academy Central School District at Delhi (formerly Delhi Central School) received money bequeathed from the Judge Abraham L. Kellogg Trust.  On that date, Attorney General Robert Abrams stated in a press release that the District’s plan to utilize a portion of “the income from the money bequeathed to the school district will provide a permanent legacy to the area, in the form of a $3 million dollar perpetual scholarship fund for graduates of Delaware Academy Central School District at Delhi” beginning with the class of 1987.

We encourage every graduate who has, or is, furthering his/her education to submit an application.  Every graduate has an opportunity to qualify for a scholarship if they are or have been successful in continuing their education.  All former graduates who have completed their freshman, sophomore, junior or senior year of college are eligible for a scholarship if all the guidelines are met and the application has been filed.

The Scholarship Program is funded through the annual investment earnings of the Abraham L. Kellogg Educational Fund.  In order to preserve this program in perpetuity the total amount of awards provided in any particular year may not exceed the investment earnings of the Abraham L. Kellogg Educational Fund.  Therefore, the Scholarship Committee shall annually recommend to the Delaware Academy Central School District at Delhi Board of Education the percentage level at which awards will be provided.  The Board of Education will make the final decision regarding such percentage based upon the committee’s recommendations and performance of the fund. The percentage will be calculated by dividing the investment earnings of the Scholarship Fund by the total eligible awards of all applicants.  Each applicant will receive their maximum award multiplied by the approved percentage.

We hope you will take advantage of this opportunity.  If you have any questions, please call 607-746-1304.

A.L. Kellogg Fund  


The A.L. Kellogg Memorial Fund was established to benefit students living in the former School District 16 in Treadwell.

Mission Statement:

1. To provide awards or prizes at Delaware Academy's annual Graduation Ceremony to seniors graduating from Delaware Academy provided such seniors attended Delaware Academy and resided withing the geographic limits of the former Abraham L. Kellogg Central School District continuously for grades 9 through 12. Residence is to be determined in accordance with Education Law Section 3201. The awards of prizes granted to such students shall be in addition to, and shall not diminish any awards, prizes or scholarships that may be available to such students under Subaccount 1 of the Kellogg fund; and

b. To provide students of Delaware Academy with extrodinary educational experiences of programs in Treadwell New York including but not limited to guest lectures, field trips, special programs and other similar supplemental programs and activities, after it having been determined that the funding for such educational experiences of programs was not available from Delaware Academy's approved school budget.

Grant information: The fund provides two application based grant opportunities in the Treadwell area.

First the Enrichment Grant Program provides opportunities to educational events and programs. These programs are available for all Delaware Academy Students and students in the Treadwell area.

The second benefit is to provide Delaware Academy Students in grades 9-12 with award money at graduation. Students who complete a community project, educational experience, or civic educational or work study program. These experiences are to be held in the Treadwell, NY on an independent basis. Students will complete an application describing the event/program, the plans, and outcomes of the project. The student will work with a non for profit, educational sponsor, and a mentor to help complete their project.

Information about previously funded programs can be found here.


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