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We are pleased to be transporting your child to and from school this year. We are very proud of the safety record of our school buses and the professionalism of our transportation team. Please help us ensure your child’s safety by following these simple but important 

• Provide your child with a backpack or book bag. Loose papers or other items are dangerous as children get off the bus. 
• Check your child’s clothing for the presence of long drawstrings or other dangling items. Long drawstrings or other dangling items could get snagged in the bus door as the child gets off the bus and should be removed from clothing. 
• Make sure your child arrives at the designated bus stop five minutes early each day. Children who are late for the bus may panic and chase it, or run into the road. 
• Insist that your child wait for the bus safely in an orderly fashion, back from the
roadway. Behavior problems at the bus stop can create hazardous conditions. 
• When the bus arrives, your child should wait for the bus driver’s signal before
boarding. Children should board in single file. 
• Teach your child to sit quietly on the ride to and from school. Behavior problems could distract the bus driver and result in an accident. It is important that our drivers are able to concentrate on driving the route safely.

If anything makes your child feel unsafe at the bus stop or on the bus ride, please contact us at the transportation department, rather than trying to discuss it at the bus stop. 
Please review the Student Bus Conduct included in the mailing with each child to aid in enforcing  the expectations that will keep their ride safe. 

Student bus assignments will be mailed prior to the start of school. If there is any concern, change or questions please contact the Transportation Office. 

All students will be assigned to their home address at the start of each year. At dismissal your child will be sent to this location. If you would like to request that your child be sent to another location you will need to fill out the appropriate bus pass also included in this mailing. Please send or drop off Permanent bus passes to the Elementary Office prior to September 1. This will allow us time to process the request and make the appropriate arrangements.  

It is preferred that Daily bus passes be sent in with your child so that they are received early to be processed. Changes made by telephone are discouraged although we realize at times are necessary. All telephone changes should be placed before 1:00PM to help assure that all the necessary offices, teachers, staff and members of the transportation team are notified prior to dismissal to affect the change aiding in your child's wellbeing. 
We are deeply committed to the safety of your child as well as all children in our community. 

Bus Pass - Elementary Daily Bus Pass - (use for any daily change)

Gregg Verspoor 
Gregg Verspoor
Director of Transportation
Delhi Central School Distrct
2 Sheldon Drive
Delhi, N.Y. 13753
(607) 746-3574

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