Board Of Education

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The Board's Duties

The Board has legal responsibility for the operation of the entire district. The Board established the policies under which the school district is operated, and the Superintendent of Schools is responsible for administering the school program within the context of these policies. The Board's duties are derived from the State Constitution, the laws of New York State, and rulings of the State Commissioner of Education. The Board's four main areas of responsibility are to establish all school district policies, to develop an annual budget for public approval, to approve or disapprove the Superintendent's recommendations regarding personnel matters and the many contracts the district must enter into, and to act as a two-way communications link between residents and the Superintendent. The Board encourages parents and residents who have a concern about school matters to try first to resolve the problem at the level most directly involved, which is usually the classroom teacher or the principal. If a satisfactory solution cannot be reached at this level, contact the Superintendent of Schools.

Mission Statement 
Providing a challenging and motivating learning environment in which the unique differences and inherent rights of all students are recognized and respected. This learning environment reinforces high moral values, ethical principles and academic skills. It instills an enthusiasm for learning while preparing students to become critical thinkers, lifelong learners and responsible contributors to society.

Philosophy Statement 
In preparing individuals to develop their fullest potential for living in the society of today and tomorrow, the Board of Education and the staff of the School District:

I. Recognize their responsibility to help meet the physical, intellectual and emotional needs of children; particularly the needs to inquire, learn, think, and create; to establish aesthetic, moral and ethical values; and to relate satisfactorily to others in social situations involving family, work, government and recreation.

II. Accept primary responsibility for giving students mastery of the basic skills of learning, thinking and problem-solving using a continuous progress curriculum and a developmentally appropriate program; for teaching them to use the various media of self-expression; for instilling in them a knowledge of the social and natural sciences; for acquainting them with the richness of our heritage; and for stimulating them to productive work in the various areas of human endeavor.

III. Acknowledge the importance of their supplemental role to the home and other social agencies in developing habits and attitudes which make for effective personal living, the maintenance of optimum physical and mental health, and the establishment of sound moral, ethical, and aesthetic values. Realizing that education, as here defined is a lifelong process, the School System seeks to orient its graduates toward various types of post-secondary education and further formal training and study of many types; and to provide educational opportunities particularly suited to the needs of adults, both as individuals and as citizens in a democracy.

District Goals 
Provide quality experiences that support students’ love of learning, and equip all students with the knowledge, skills and attitudes to be responsible and productive citizens. Improve student performance to meet and exceed State standards at all levels. Provide a system for sound fiscal management of the District’s resources to ensure a quality educational environment for all students. Promote clear and open communications between and among the Board, students, staff and community.

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