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January 12, 2022

Dear Delaware Academy Families,

There have been many recent updates and changes coming from the NYDOH, the CDC, Governor Hochul, and Delaware County Public Health relative to COVID procedures. I am writing to share the most recent changes that have been shared from NYS since my last communication to you and to clarify our practices moving forward. The following now applies to all faculty, staff, and students:

  • Contact Tracing:  In a Public Health Press Release dated 1/11/22, it was announced that Delaware County is migrating away from case investigation and contact tracing.  Instead, Public Health is asking that individuals initiate self-quarantine management and report positive cases at www.delcony.us.  This means that you will no longer be contacted by health departments regarding quarantine or quarantine release.  The Press Release can be found HERE.  In light of this update, please know that Delaware Academy will continue to internally contact trace positive cases in staff and students and follow our current protocols as outlined in our Reopening Plan to uphold NYSDOH quarantine and Test to Stay requirements.  If your child tests positive, or you believe is a close contact of a positive case outside of school, please notify the School Nurse, Building Principal, or District Office immediately.  We will continue to provide you guidance on quarantine dates and next steps to ensure our continued health and safety at school.

  • Quarantine Guidelines:  Effective immediately, the length of isolation and/or quarantine has been reduced to five (5) days after symptom onset or testing positive for COVID-19 if asymptomatic.  This now applies to everyone, including students.  If after five (5) days, symptoms persist, continue to quarantine for up to ten (10) days or until all symptoms have resolved.  Any student who elects to return after five (5) days, should report to the nurse before reporting to class to confirm symptom resolution.

  • Test-to-Stay Program:  This now applies to any unvaccinated student or staff member who is considered a close contact regardless of where the exposure may have occurred as long as testing supplies last.

  • We have developed a Decision-Making Flowchart for Positive Cases and Close Contacts that outlines steps to take based on those scenarios.  If an individual tests positive, results should be reported and quarantine attestation forms completed at www.delcony.us/coronavius/#ReportTest.  Your school nurse should also be notified.

The most recent NYSDOH and Public Health notifications, Decision-Making Flowchart, and updated Test to Stay Plan can be found on our website at www.delhischools.org under Coronavirus Updates.

Finally, I have received many emails from parents regarding these updates.  I have not had an opportunity to respond to everyone due to on-going contact tracing efforts and monitoring and sharing updates as they happen.  I remain committed to sharing information regarding changes as they emerge.  Thank you for your patience and understanding.


Kelly M. Zimmerman





keeping up with homework link

Remote instruction is not available this school year. Please follow the steps below for student absences and completing school work.
Parent/Family care provider should email Mrs. Barriger in the Attendance Office jbarriger@delhischools.org to let her know about the absence.
Students should check their Google Classrooms for classwork and homework assignments.
Students should also email their teachers to let them know they are out and how long they may be out.
If students need materials from their locker or from their teachers to complete assignments, contact the main office to arrange pick up at the school.


December 16, 2021
Hello Delaware Academy Families and Friends,

Thank you for your support and understanding as we held a Lockout last week in response to a social media threat in our region.  Since that time, we have been advised by legal authorities that similar posts have occurred on various social media outlets throughout our state and country.  
Specifically, there are now rumors on social media platforms with threats of school violence on Friday, December 17, 2021.  The most recent social media posts include TikTok, SnapChat and Instagram with the hashtags #december17th, #staysafe, #schoolshootings, #bombthreats, and #skipschool.
Delaware Academy is aware of this situation and has been assured by DCMO BOCES and local law enforcement agencies that there is no evidence these posts are anything other than a hoax based on investigative and forensic operations.  In fact, law enforcement has been working around the clock to detect, intercept, and prevent violent threat targeted at schools.  
The safety of our students and staff is our top priority and we will continue to monitor this situation. We remain prepared to execute our emergency response systems as we did last week.  In fact, under normal operations, all exterior doors remain locked during the school day and any entry to our buildings is monitored and controlled.  
We encourage all parents and guardians to engage in open dialogue with your children about their use of social media.  Children should be reminded to not share or engage in any information that is not accurate, true, or received second-hand.  If anyone sees or hears something of concern, do not hesitate to report it to a trusted adult or school official.    
All staff, students and parents/guardians should report to law enforcement immediately if they are aware of any specific threats or witness any suspicious activity. Any individual caught making a violent threat on social media or causing a disturbance in school in this vein will be prosecuted to the fullest extent.


Delaware Academy Central School District at Delhi will be a leader in academic excellence, preparing students to excel in a diverse and dynamic society.


Delaware Academy will provide a wide range of academic and extra-curricular opportunities that develop critical thinking and innovation. Our community of learners will foster partnerships within our region and beyond, supporting a wide range of career pathways for our students. Our students will enter society with the ability to embrace change with confidence, altruism, and adaptability.


  • Delaware Academy will engage in data-informed practices, using multiple sources of information to ensure continuous improvement in student performance and outcomes.
  • Delaware Academy will evaluate and provide necessary resources to achieve our mission in an informed and fiscally responsible manner.
  • Delaware Academy will attract, develop, and retain high quality, student-centered faculty, staff, and administrators.
  • Delaware Academy will develop and maintain collaborative relationships with and between our district and the communities it serves.


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