Instrumental Band Policy

The Delaware Academy Central School District

Instrumental Music Department Policy



            The Delaware Academy Instrumental Music Faculty is presenting the following statement of policy to all members of the Band and Orchestra in order to achieve and maintain a high quality of music education and a high standard of musical performance.

            The following expectations are made in keeping with our school policy:



            Band and Orchestra are performance-based classes, therefore it is imperative that everyone is responsible for being prepared and playing in all required performances.  All performances will be scheduled and announced in sufficient time for the students to arrange their schedules properly.  If a conflict arises, we must be notified when it arises and no later than 2 weeks before a performance.  You should register for band and orchestra only if you are inclined to participate in public performances  (marching band is mandatory for high school and middle school band members.)

 Excuses Absences:

            All excuses from performances or extra rehearsals must be in writing and signed by a parent or guardian.  Failure to do so will result in a lowered grade.  Acceptable excuses will be determined by the director.

 Unexcused Absences:

            One unexcused absence from a class or performance will result in the lowering of the student’s grade.  An unexcused absence from a performance cannot be made up, and therefore no credit can be given.  An unexcused absence from a performance will require a parent/guardian conference with the instructor.  Two unexcused absences will result in referral to the building principal or his designee for further action.

 Outside Performances:

            When performing away from the school, students must leave and return on buses provided for the trip.  Request for exemption must be accompanied by a written permission slip signed by the parent/guardian.

 Concert Attire:

Middle School Band and Orchestra:

            Performance attire for concerts includes dress pants, dress shirts, a long dark tie and dress shoes for the guys:  a nice dress or skirt and blouse for the girls (dresses and skirts should be ankle-length or below the knee.)

Senior High Concert Band and Orchestra:

            Performance attire for concerts includes black dress pants, black socks, black dress shoes, white dress shirt and black tie for the men.  Women should wear black dress pants or ankle-length black skirts, black dress shoes, and white blouses.  A solid black ankle-length dress is also appropriate for women.


            Every lesson will be graded according to attendance, preparation, and individual progress.  Regular attendance to lessons is crucial.  Students will be allowed one excused absence per quarter from scheduled lessons without receiving a grade penalty.  More than one excused absence from lessons requires make-up lessons in order to receive full credit.

Students who attend all lessons within the quarter will receive bonus points in their quarterly grade.

Make-up Lessons:

         If more than one lesson is missed in a quarter, it is the student’s responsibility to schedule a make-up lesson with the instructor to avoid penalty.  The make-up lesson should be scheduled within one week of the missed lesson.  Two weeks from the missed lesson is the maximum time limit for make-ups.  After that time, the grade will be affected.


         It is expected that students will come to lessons and rehearsals prepared.  This entails having practiced and learned his/her parts or weekly lesson to the best of his/her ability and coming to rehearsals with proper materials (instruments, reeds, mutes, music, lesson books, pencils, etc.)  Continuous lack of preparation and lack of practice will inevitably result in a lower grade.  Practice is homework for the musician and is not optional.  Practicing your instrument in a consistent manner will reap benefits and result in a rewarding band/orchestra experience.


 Rehearsal Etiquette:

         Rehearsal etiquette is one of the most important aspects that contribute to a successful band and orchestra program.  The following guidelines are based on general self-respect and the mutual respect between your peers and instructors. This proper behavior is expected during all rehearsals and lessons. 


 Guidelines for Rehearsal Etiquette:

1.            Basic respect is expected between all band and orchestra members.  You are there to support and encourage each other, not to criticize or belittle anyone.

2.            During lessons and rehearsals, one person speaks at a time.  Questions or comments will be recognized by a raised hand.

3.            If mistakes are made, do not laugh or turn around to see who made the mistakes.  No one gets to where they are without making a few mistakes along the way.

4.            When someone is playing a solo, do not stare at them and do not finger along with them.  This is very distracting.

5.            Do not practice someone else’s solo within ear-shot.

6.            When the conductor stops conducting in rehearsal that means you stop playing.  Do not keep playing because it wastes everyone’s time.  It is impossible to talk and give further instruction over playing.

7.            Competition is hard to avoid in music, but only healthy and supportive competition will be tolerated.  For these ensembles to work well and improve, we must work together, not against each other.  This means that malicious behavior, derogatory statements, damage to or tampering with other’s instrument, equipment, or music, and general disrespect is unacceptable.



            Students will be evaluated not only on academic achievement, but also on effort and attitude.  Each person’s effort is of utmost importance.  A good attitude includes being on time to rehearsals and performances, caring for supplies and equipment, respecting the director and fellow classmates, being attentive in rehearsal, and doing his/her part to create a superior group as a whole.  Please refer to each instructor’s individual grading policy for specific details.



If there are any questions regarding this policy, please feel free to contact us at school (746-1282.)


Mrs. Diane Krick

Band Director


Mr. M.W. Degan

Orchestra Director



Standards for the High School and Middle School Band Grade and Evaluation


Rehearsal and Performance Attendance and Contribution:  (33% of the total grade)

            Students are required to attend band rehearsals, lessons, concerts and other scheduled events.  Concert attendance will be weighted as twice as valuable as other appearances.


Preparation and Assignments:  (34% of the total grade)

            Students will be evaluated according to their preparation of assigned music, apparent practice time, performance exams and written assignments.

            Students need to be prepared for each rehearsal and lesson.  They will need to bring instruments, band folders, music and pencils.

            Students need to take instruments home regularly to practice band and lesson assignments.


Lessons:  (33% of the total grade)

            Lessons will be graded according to attendance, preparation and individual progress.

            Regular attendance at lessons is crucial to each student’s ability to develop performance skills.  Students are allowed one excused absence per quarter from scheduled lessons without grade penalty.  Absences from scheduled lessons beyond one per quarter require make-ups in order to avoid grade penalty.


Cooperation and Other Considerations:

            Students are expected to cooperate and maintain a correct attitude appropriate for learning.

            Students are required to be in their seats and ready to perform at the beginning of the class period.

            Students need to respect themselves, their teacher and all band members.

They also need to respect the band instruments, equipment, music and classroom.

            Students are expected to maintain proper instrument care.  Music and folders need to be kept clean and intact.  Students need to place instrument cases in the proper storage areas.

            Students are expected to raise their hands if they have a question.  They should not speak out of turn or play their instruments when instruction is being offered.

            Students should place gum, candy, etc. in the garbage can as they enter the classroom.




  Expectations and Discipline Guide



1.  Bring your instrument, music and a pencil to class every day.


2.  Be in your seat with assembled instrument, music, and pencil no later than three minutes after the bell.  (You should be in the rehearsal room no later than the final bell.)  You should be ready to play your instrument no later than three minutes after the bell.  This allows you time to assemble your instrument, put your music in order, and warm-up.  If you are late to class because you were speaking to a teacher about an assignment, remember to bring a signed late pass from that teacher.


3.  Raise your hand to be recognized before speaking.  Do not speak out of turn or play your instrument when instruction is being offered.


4.  Be respectful of your classmates, teacher, instruments and equipment.  Keep your hands and feet to yourself.


5.  Maintain proper instrument care.  Music and folders need to be kept clean and intact.  Remember to place instrument cases in the proper storage areas.


6.  Gum, candy, food and soft drinks should be left outside the music room.



First Offense – The student is given a verbal reminder of the rule.


Second Offense – The student is given a verbal warning.  The student will stay forty-five seconds after the class is dismissed and discuss the problem with the teacher.


Third Offense – The student will speak with the principal after the teacher reports the incident on the discipline referral form.


Emergency Clause (invoked for chronic and/or severe problems) – The student is sent immediately to the principal’s office.



1.  Students will receive daily positive feedback from the teacher.


2.  “The Model Section of the Month” award will be awarded to the section that exhibits the best behavior and musical effort.


3.  “The Band Member of the Month” award will be awarded to students who exhibit the best behavior and musical progress.

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