District Attendance

Attendance: Regular attendance is a responsibility shared by both parents and child. Education Law 3205 requires all children ages 6-17 to be in full time attendance. There is a definite relationship between attendance and success in school.

Start of Day: The school day starts at 8:05 with students reporting to 1st Period. Students must be on time to 1st period class in order to not be marked tardy to school. The parent/guardian will be notified if their child is tardy or absent from school via the automated phone messenger system.

Absences: Upon returning to school, a signed note from a parent/guardian stating student’s full name, the date and reason for absence is required. This note is to be given to the main office. If a note is not received for the absence within three days, it will be recorded as being illegal. If your child will be absent from school or tardy please contact the appropriate schools main office. The Board of Education recognizes the following reasons as legal absences: attendance at health clinics, serious illness or death in family, approved college visits, approved educational trips, sickness, court appearance, quarantine, military 5 obligations, religious observance, impassable road or weather conditions, family vacations.

Tardiness: Students must be in 1st Period by 8:05 a.m. They are considered tardy after that time. Students must report to the main office for a pass before going to class. A note is necessary for tardiness. Students may not take part in any after school activities unless they are in school by 10:00 am or at the discretion of administration. This applies to concerts, plays, sports, dances and/or any other evening activities.

Class Attendance: Each student’s presence or absence from each scheduled period of instruction, except where students do not change classrooms, will be taken.

Early Excuses: A note must be provided in order for a student to be excused from class. Students must bring these notes to the main office the first thing in the morning. A parent must sign their child out of the building in the main office. If someone other than the parent is taking the child out of the building, that name must be indicated on the note. Identification is required. Students are not allowed to leave the school grounds at any time during school hours without proper permission from the main office. Failure to comply will result in disciplinary action, which may include suspension.

Request for Work: If a student knows they will be absent from school for an extended time, such as for a vacation, they should notify their teachers at least one-week in advance. Teachers will determine what work can be done outside of school and will provide a fair amount of time after a student’s return to make-up any additional work.

The complete version of the Delhi Central School District’s Comprehensive Student Attendance Policy is available in the District Office.

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