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March '21 Community Update


Dear Delaware Academy Families and Friends,


            Not unlike any other month this year, the past one has been full of changes at the federal and state levels.  We continue to interpret and implement ever-changing requirements against the steady backdrop of increasing engaging learning and extra-curricular opportunities for our students, in-person where allowed, to the greatest extent possible.  Some timely updates for everyone to be aware of are as follows:

1.  NYS Assessments – Thank you to everyone who participated in completing the NYSED survey on this topic last month.  In a memo from the U.S. Department of Education, the DOE indicated that they would not be granting blanket waivers to states from required assessments this year.  In a follow-up statement from the NYS Education Department, districts were informed that NYSED will move forward with submitting amended waivers where allowable.  For example, the state may apply to waive accountability requirements that are used to identify and target underperforming districts.  They may also be granted flexibility in length and timing of assessments.  However, none of this releases us from being fully transparent with the performance results of our students.  In the March 22 Board of Education meeting, our team will be sharing multiple sources of student performance data outside of state assessments.  We will discuss how this information will inform instructional priorities as we move forward to identify and address pandemic-related gaps and plans for addressing instruction and learning as we move through the spring, summer, and next fall.  As more specific information becomes available, parents will be informed. 


2.  Capital Project – I am pleased to report that we have successfully moved into the construction phase of our capital project in both buildings.  Our elementary library and cafeteria/kitchen areas have been cleared and the MS/HS crawlspace is being prepared for abatement work.  We have been working closely with construction managers and contractors to ensure minimal disruption to teachers, staff and students throughout this process. 


3.  Athletics – We have successfully navigated our winter sports season which got our student-athletes back on the court for a fuller season than we initially anticipated, including two beautiful senior recognition nights.  I’d like to express my heartfelt gratitude to Mr. Ferrara, our coaching staff, DA Varsity Club, and parent volunteers for finding opportunities where possible to replicate a "normal" experience for our student-athletes and families, while enforcing our Preparedness Plan with fidelity and accountability. 

The Fall II season (football, cross-country, volleyball, and soccer) will start on Monday, March 8 for Varsity and Monday, March 15 for modified athletes. 

For outdoor venues only, each athlete will be allowed two (2) spectators at each home game.  There will be no spectators for volleyball with the exception of a senior night. 

Contests will be live-streamed for our community to the greatest extent possible given the location and scheduling of each sport.

4.  Board of Education Budget Workshops – These will occur, as needed, each Monday at 5:00 through the month of March.  Through these workshops, we will be discussing how school budgets are developed, examine anticipated revenues and expenditures, and how we determine the tax levy, so that our community members are positioned to cast an informed vote in May.  These meetings will be live-streamed.  If you have any questions during our budget development season, please reach out to me or Mr. Shultz, our Business Administrator. 

5.  Covid-19 Vaccinations for Teachers and Staff – We are working closely with the Delaware County DOH on a weekly basis to get our teachers and staff access to vaccinations as they become available.  I am impressed with the number of faculty and staff who have been able to secure the vaccine thus far. 

6.  Return to In-Person Learning? – This question has been a frequent topic of conversation at federal, state, and local levels.  Schools across the country are just now beginning to open their doors after being in remote models for the first half of this year.  Other districts are slowly moving toward increasing the number of students who are learning in-person.  Maximizing our capacity while remaining within state guidelines has been our focus all year.  In fact, monthly enrollment numbers show that we have successfully decreased the number of students who were in remote models from the beginning of the school year.  I am proud of this accomplishment.  As discussed at our Board meeting on Thursday night, we are keeping close watch to any changes in regulations and/or guidance that may allow us to move closer to in-person learning for all students.  Our Board of Education stands behind us in this effort.  Thank you for your continued support and patience, knowing that this is our goal and what we feel is best for our children. 

 Thank you for taking the time to read this update.  I look forward to the opportunities that springtime will inevitably bring us all!  


Kelly M. Zimmerman


Superintendent - Mrs. Kelly Zommerman
Mrs. Kelly Zimmerman

Delaware Academy Central School District at Delhi

District Goals 

Provide a positive, safe learning environment for all stakeholders.      

v  Foster mutual respect throughout the Delaware Academy community.

v  Support the overall well-being of the Delaware Academy community.

v  Maintain and enhance school spirit and participation at events for students, staff, and community.

v  Explore the appropriate and positive use of digital literacy.

       Increase the overall academic achievement for EVERY student at Delaware Academy.

v  Begin to align curriculum K-12 to the Next Generation Learning Standards (NGLS).

v  Expand the offering of academically rigorous programs.

v  Maintain and enhance exposure to career opportunities for all students     K-12.

v  Utilize timely dissemination, analysis, and collaborative review of meaningful data to inform and enhance instruction.

v  Expand the current RTI process K-12.

Implement strategies to increase number of students who reach mastery level.  

v  Continue to support and enhance literacy across all content areas K-12.

v  Continue to support a consistent K-12 mathematics curriculum.

v  Provide ongoing professional development for all faculty and staff.

Maintain and enhance partnerships within the Greater Delhi community.

v  Continue collaboration between SUNY Delhi and the Delaware Academy Central School District at Delhi.

v  Continue to provide opportunities for students to participate in community events.

v  Continue the Farm to Table whole foods initiative.

        Maintain and enhance building facilities.

v  Develop a comprehensive, fiscally responsible, facilities management plan based on academic needs to maximize student achievement.

v  Continue implementation of green energy opportunities.

v  Be respectful and take pride in our facilities (ex. no graffiti, vandalism, or garbage on the grounds/hallway, etc.).


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