English 12

Welcome to English 12.  This year we will make a noble attempt at studying the linguistic and literary tradition of the English Language through a representative survey of British Literature, from the earliest form of English to the language of the present.  And because language is the tangible medium for thought, giving us a window into the minds of our predecessors, we can also learn a great deal about the historical and cultural heritage of England as well as America.   As Americans, we must admit a cultural debt to Great Britain, for it is partly from the British that we derive our government, many of our social behaviors, much of our artistic and literary heritage, and of course our language.  For better and often for worse, Britain has been hugely influential on the world stage: at its height, the British Empire ruled one fifth of the world.  Not bad for a country the size of North Carolina. 

In addition to developing an understanding of literature, our writing this year will focus on the development of skills essential to college and career readiness, namely, critical thinking and communication.   Through the close reading  of selected texts, we will hone the techniques for not only thoughtful discussion and composition, but perhaps more importantly for defining your own significance.  Everything can be seen as argument—even a chair—so what will your argument be?  How do you want to be understood?

                    Policies and procedures for English 12

Class Participation: 

At the beginning of each quarter, each student begins with 85/100 as the standard participation grade, which then either goes up or down through the course of the marking period.  If you turn in all your work and have no excessive absence, but rarely speak in class, you’ll still have the standard of 85/100 as a class participation grade.  Raising that grade will require active and meaningful participation in class discussion.   Deductions can be replaced by rewards, penalties are permanent. 


  • At the end of each week, if you think your participation warrants a higher grade and I haven’t given it to you, then, armed with specific evidence, come see me to validate your claim.  Based on the merit of your argument, we will negotiate the number of points to beawarded
  • If your participation is lacking in a given week, I may then deduct from your grade, which you will then have the right to appeal.  It will not be deducted lower than the standard, but don’t forget missing assignments will lower your standard participation grade.
  • At no point will your participation grade be changed more than 5 points per week in any direction as a result of class discussion. 
  • Failure to participate in or do poorly on in-class assignments or quizzes will result in up to a 10 point penalty of the standard participation grade, per event.  Unless due to excused absence, these assignments cannot be made up, so you better join the conversation!
  • Failure to submit a response paper during any given week, or submitting one that does not reflect your abilities, unless you have already turned in 5, will result in a 20 point deduction to your standard participation grade.  (If you have 3 submitted by the end of week 5, you earn a week’s grace period on the final two papers before facing the deduction.)  Those 20 points can be earned back by turning in a response paper the next week.  Extra response papers beyond number five will earn you a bonus reward of up to five class participation points each. However, if by week 5 you have not yet submitted a response paper, the deduction becomes a penalty, which cannot be earned back.  If you submit no response papers, you will end up with a 0/100 for class participation. 
  • Regarding attendance, if you miss more than three days of class in a given quarter for any reason, you will deduct one point per day in excess of those three absences.  If you miss class due to a music lesson or other school activity, you will still lose a point.  You are welcome to join the other class period to earn it back.  Either way, the best way to compensate for absence is to improve your class participation reward when you are here.
  • Regarding tardiness, if you are consistently late to class for any reason, you will be penalized one point per incident.  You cannot earn them back. 


             Assignments are due by 3:00 regardless of absence.  If you are absent, I expect you to email me your assignment at dainsworth@delhischools.org.  Assignments received after 3:00 will be counted for the following day.  Late essays will be accepted with a 10 % PENALTY PER DAY for up to FIVE SCHOOL DAYS.  After five days, the assignment will no longer be accepted.   You will still have to do the assignment or risk an deduction to your class participation grade.



            Essays and compositions should be revised when necessary.  It will be the revised score that counts toward your quarterly average.  With that said, revision doesn’t mean only proofreading and correcting grammar and spelling mistakes.  Revision is the thoughtful revisiting of development and organization at the paragraph level and the entire paper, taking into account the comments and suggestions I make on your earlier drafts.  The more effort you give to revising, and the more thoroughly you address my comments, the more points you can earn back.  You should correct spelling and grammar mistakes, but if you do not give me a proper revision (think “to see again”), your grade will not change.


PLAGIARISM POLICY:  Plagiarism is theft as well as deceit and will be handled accordingly.  At the minimum, you will receive a zero for the plagiarized assignment.  As the situation warrants, you may be given the opportunity to resubmit the assignment for partial credit.  Also, disciplinary and/or other action may be taken as needed.  See the Classroom Mandate for more information.

Below you will find the important documents associated with English 12:

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