Harmony For Humanity

What is Harmony for Humanity?

It is a new service club at Delaware Academy, and it is open to all students in grades 6—12. 

What are the founding principles of Harmony for Humanity?

1.  All people deserve respect regardless of their gender identification, race, religion, sexual orientation, or social status.

2.  Undue biases and prejudices can never be overcome without meaningful dialogue.

How is Harmony for Humanity creating a dialogue at D.A.?

We are sponsoring a campus theme (perseverance: bettering our world), hosting the annual H4H Concert which is based around that theme, trying to bring meaningful programming to the student body, and providing this blog as a jumping-off-place for discussion of relevant topics.  

Do you have ideas about how to get people talking in a meaningful way?  Join the club!   The dialogue starts with you!    


(Malala Yousafzai, youngest winner of the
Nobel Peace Prize, is an 
activist for girls’
education in Pakistan, her home-country,
and around the world.)  

Recent Posts

We challenge you to watch the video linked below with an open mind. The majority of people often judge others based on a black and white scale, but what about all the people who consider themselves "grey" (which is an exponential amount of people, by the way)? If humans are multi-dimensional beings and can contain different personality traits (not unlike a shelf in an American super market), then how is it possible to stamp a label on someone without limiting their right of choice and expression? 

This video does an amazing job of showing a different perspective that will hopefully get you to think about your own life, or the lives of your friends and family. It is time to stop categorizing people based on one facet of their lives and begin to evaluate people based on their character instead.

Watch this video.  We challenge you to look into the eyes of people with whom you disagree and think of reasons why they deserve any less than you do. 

TED Talk:  "50 Shades of Gay" with iO Tillett

Posted by Megan.Ainsworth  On Feb 27, 2017 at 2:22 PM
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